Our Faculty

M.J Rising Kids School is a co-educational english medium school affiliated to the H.B.S.E (Bhiwani). It was established in the year 2017 as a Play School. All efforts are made to impart teaching and learning through the medium of English language.

It is an institution open to one and all without any distinction of caste or creed

The school provides to its students a congenial environment for their overall development, academic as well as creative. Teaching aids in varied forms are provided to children for enhancing their learning capabilities. Nurturing creativity in children is one of the most important features of the school curriculum. Co-curricular activities of various nature are provided for an all round development of the child.

The school also helps the child to develop desirable social attitudes and sense of commitment, a co-operative spirit through participation in group activities, development of aesthetic sense through exposure to culture, basic values and mutual respect. Preserving Indian culture and heritage occupies an important place in the school’s curriculum.

The school prides itself on a faculty par excellence. The teachers are highly qualified and give their best to shape up the students’ life in the finest possible way. There are departments for every subject with departmental heads working with total commitment to bring in the best results. Manning the departments is an adequate number of trained teachers according to the need of the students. Each department under a departmental head holds regular meetings and workshops to contribute quality in the approach and method of education that is imparted to students. The aim in organizing departments is to raise the standard of teaching by discussing and sharing ideas among the departmental members.

Mr. Naveen Kumar


Mrs. Naveen


Mrs. Shilpa Srivastava


Mrs. Asha Vardhaan

Head Teacher